YoCrunch®, the fastest growing full-line yogurt maker that packages a wide variety of toppings with their many yogurt flavors, recently launched its first integrated marketing campaign, aimed at increasing brand awareness. The effort, “It’s YoCrunch Time!,” not only brings to life the fun spirit of the brand and the product, but also illustrates the fact that YoCrunch’s unique product is a great snack for any time. Moreover, the campaign represents the first campaign for YoCrunch designed by Fathom Communications since the agency was hired as the brand’s lead marketing and communications agency earlier this year.

“We have a great product with a very loyal following and as we look to broaden our awareness of the brand and grow our consumer base we have decided to embark upon a more aggressive and visible marketing plan,” said Ralph Tschantz, SVP Marketing for YoCrunch. “Fathom brought us a brand idea and communications plan that really captured our product innovation in a way that will resonate with our ‘Mean Well Mom’ target audience and help meet our aggressive growth plans.”

“YoCrunch is a marketer’s dream—a product idea that truly delivers against a clear white space in its category and a brand that has already generated a very loyal, passionate following even without the benefit of a concentrated marketing push,” said Peter Groome, co-founder and CEO of Fathom. “Our job is to capture what drives such a loyal customer base for YoCrunch and to focus that story to the many Moms who have yet to be exposed to the brand.”

YoCrunch has brought real innovation to the yogurt category by being the first to combine toppings like granola, M&M’S® Chocolate Candies, Reese’s® Pieces® candy, OREO® cookie pieces and Butterfinger® candy with their yogurt products which include Fruit Parfait, Greek, Greek Parfait and 100 Calorie products. YoCrunch offers moms and their families a more fun and tasty way to enjoy all of the nutritional benefits of yogurt.

YoCrunch has partnered with Fathom to develop a national communications platform that reinforces both the nutritional and fun aspects of the brand while engaging mothers looking for an “anytime” family snack. “It’s YoCrunch Time!” is 100% digital- and social-media focused, executed with the support of partner agencies The Gary Group (media planning, digital media production), SPM Communications (public and media relations, social media strategy) and Twist (website, social media development).

In a departure from the category conventions, the new campaign engages moms via unique online games tied to coupon offers, as well as ongoing social media content and outreach.  Aimed at encouraging conversation and fun around the brand’s unique offering, the effort also includes dedicated discussion space on the brand’s redesigned Facebook page that invites moms to chat with each other and with the brand, while YoCrunch’s Twitter feed keeps moms engaged with helpful, fun and timely discussion starters. In addition, display advertising drives consumers to the new games and to YoCrunch’s recently redesigned website catering to moms seeking ideas to provide both wholesome and fun snacks to their families. YoCrunch also appeared at the annual BlogHer convention in San Diego, August 5 and 6.

About Fathom:

Fathom is a new breed of advertising agency focused on delivering a wide range of innovative marketing solutions that have the power to transform its clients’ businesses. Fathom’s work covers a wide range of services including experiential, entertainment, promotional and direct-to-consumer advertising for both consumer-facing and B-to-B brands. Fathom was founded in 2001 by two ad agency veterans, Peter Groome and Tres McCullough, and is part of the Omnicom Group. Fathom has offices in New York and Chicago.

About YoCrunch:

YoCrunch® Yogurt provides a break from boring snacking – it’s a fun, healthy snack that allows kids and adults play with their food and receive all the health benefits of yogurt. The YoCrunch Brand is America’s best-selling line of smooth creamy yogurt conveniently packaged together with a wide variety of crunchy mix-ins including granola, M&M’S® Chocolate Candies, Nestle® Crunch® pieces, Reese’s® Pieces® candy, OREO® cookie pieces, and Butterfinger® candy, along with the YoCrunch Fruit Parfait™ line, which launched in 2010, and YoCrunch Greek.  For more information please visit www.YoCrunch.com.

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