Van's Natural Foods Launches Artisan Muffin Crowns and Fun-to-Eat Waffle SticksAccording to a recent consumer survey*, two-thirds of Americans eat breakfast regularly, and many of them eat it on the run.

Van’s Natural Foods, the market leader in delicious, better-for-you frozen breakfasts and snacks, announces two new, convenient foods to help Americans meet those breakfast needs: Muffin Crowns and Waffle Sticks. Both items reflect Van’s complete commitment to nutrition with wholesome, minimally processed ingredients. Van’s Muffin Crowns are individually packed for grab and go ease.

In addition to ease and great taste, Van’s Muffin Crowns and Vanilla Waffle Sticks offer whole grain goodness – Van’s survey also found that Americans have a growing desire for more whole grains, with nearly half of those surveyed saying they eat them for breakfast.

“Our research revealed strong consumer preferences for convenient, whole grain breakfasts,” said Eric Kufel, Van’s CEO. “At Van’s, we offer many foods with whole grains, and we have a passion for promoting healthy choices that fit busy lifestyles. Our new Muffin Crowns and Waffle Sticks are delicious, no-fuss, healthy options for breakfast, and our Muffin Crowns are an easy, tasty way to eat more whole grains.”

Van’s Muffin Crowns (MSRP $5.49) offer six grams of fiber, three grams of protein and two delicious flavors, Triple Chocolate and Wild Blueberry – all for 120 calories or less per serving. Each muffin comes individually wrapped and requires no toasting, making them an ideal choice for those on the go. Van’s Triple Chocolate Muffin Crowns are made with seven grams of whole grain and prepared with rich chocolate. Van’s Wild Blueberry Muffin Crowns are made with eight grams of whole grains, along with real blueberries, whole grain oats and applesauce and seasoned with allspice, ginger and nutmeg.

Van’s Waffle Sticks (MSRP $3.29) offer a healthier alternative to highly processed, sugary convenience breakfast items such as donuts and pastries. With 80 calories or less and four grams of sugar per serving, Van’s Waffle Sticks are also an excellent source of calcium and are free of artificial flavors and colors. Van’s Muffin Crowns and Waffle Sticks are available in stores now.

“As a busy mom, I’m constantly looking for tasty, nutritious and convenient foods that I can feel good about serving my family,” said Robin Plotkin, R.D. and L.D. “As a registered dietitian, I can recommend Van’s Muffin Crowns and Waffle Sticks as a healthy breakfast for anyone.”

*In the survey, conducted by online consumer research firm Zoomerang, Van’s questioned 1,000 randomly selected, representative American adults on their approaches to breakfast and found several key trends:

  • Two-thirds of American adults eat breakfast regularly
  • One-third of Americans regularly eat breakfast on the run or at their desks
  • Nearly 50 percent of Americans choose whole grains for breakfast
  • Southerners reported eating breakfast most often, and Northeasterners were the most likely to report a desire for a whole-grain breakfast.
  • Women were more likely than men to seek out whole-grain breakfast options.
  • Nearly half of respondents regularly included eggs or egg whites in their breakfasts – and nearly a third of respondents reported eating a type of breakfast sandwich.
  • Eleven percent reported regularly eating leftovers for breakfast, such as reheated Chinese food or pizza.

Van’s expects full distribution of its Muffin Crowns and Waffle Sticks by the end of 2011.

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