Millions of outdoor grills across America are now sizzling and sending off awesome aromas associated with summer’s arrival. This experience is now enhanced by the Devault Burger.

A year ago a rigorous blind taste test conducted by Devault Foods shocked the hamburger world with the discovery of a taste sensation that is still being talked about today.

As the US gobbles up thirteen billion hamburgers a year, Devault Food wanted to see how its product stacks up against its leading competitors. The national supplier of portion controlled meat products for the foodservice industry headquartered in Devault, PA conducted a blind taste test of its line of hamburgers against four of its leading competitors. The testing criteria were based on overall taste, tenderness and quality.

The results indicated the Devault Foods product was superior over all its competitors, scoring highest in all categories.

The testing was conducted at the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College in Mays Landing, NJ where 121 students blind taste tested and evaluated Devault Foods hamburgers vs. its competitors.

Culinary chef instructors who also participated in the preparation and taste testing of all products noted that Devault Foods hamburgers provided substantially more yield.  A legend was born!

“We realize that although Americans are eating more hamburgers and fewer steaks as the economy struggles in recession, we still have to give them a reason to buy our product over our competitors,” said Bill Irwin, Vice President of Devault Foods Sales and Marketing.

“The outcome of this exercise exceeded our expectations, and is what operators need in the current environment,” said Irwin. “Not only did the Devault product excel over its competition across the board, our cooked yield was superior.”

Devault Foods, family owned and operated since 1949, nationally supplies portion controlled meat products for the foodservice industry out of southeastern Pennsylvania. Devault also services corporate distributors, independent distributors, corporate purchasing groups, restaurants and hotels, business and industry, healthcare, education and the military.

“America deserves a better hamburger and our culinary experts have labored mightily to produce this breathtaking breakthrough on the hamburger front. ¬†Devault Foods is proud to lead the fight for better hamburger eating throughout the nation,” concluded Irwin.

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