Super Fitness Model & Best Selling Author Jennifer Nicole Lee Reveals Her Feel & Look Good Eats & Treats in “Fun Fit Foodie”

Sexy "Chef" Cookbook Selling Like Hot Cakes

Sexy "Chef" Cookbook Selling Like Hot Cakes

Miami, FL  (Food News)  Jennifer Nicole Lee says she is on a mission to bring sexy back to the kitchen. We caught up with her at her now world famous Fitness Model Factory kitchen, where she was cooking in nothing but an apron, high heels and some racy lacey boy shorts. She donned this close to nothing get up with a theme behind the photo shoot of “You are what you eat”, stating “my point is that I’m showing all my vulnerable best, as I do eat real good gourmet food yet am able to maintain my strong physique, and so many people ask me if I really do look like this all the time, or if my photos are photo shopped, so cooking in the au natural really shuts them up and sets the record straight.”

In Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fun Fit Foodie cook book, she states that there priceless key secrets that will help all look and feel their very best, while not starving. She steals some ideas from her two earlier books, “Fitness Model Diet Book” and “The Mind Body & Soul Diet Book”, as she always uses a certain fat blasting formula when creating meals. JNL says to always start “with a complex carb, combining it with a muscle feeding lean protein, add some healthy fats, and some fibrous carbs-and your body will have energy and you will glow.” From her “Goof-Proof Grab & Go Breakfast Burrito” to her super cream “Chai Cream of Wheat Topped with Walnuts” she makes sure you enjoy stick to your rib meals. With her expanding name and brand, many major food brands are now seeking out JNL to endorse and mention their products and foods in her up and coming book tour, and appearances. Her Director of Operations Mr. Claude Taylor states that “there isn’t a day that JNL doesn’t cook. She is always trying out new recipes, and our offices daily receives shipments of major food brands pitching her to endorse and represent their food labels. We are very honored that her healthy fun fit foodie message has such traction and many are seeking her out to endorse their products. JNL is passionate about what she shares with her worldwide fan base, so we are now sifting through hundreds of food pitches.”

When asked what the number one secret is to keeping her beautiful body, JNL states “women are seeking to be the most beautiful woman on earth, and its my goal to help the everyday woman feel extraordinary, even when she is cooking in the kitchen. This is the heart and soul of the Fun Fit Foodie brand!”
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