Sartori's Extra-Aged Goat Cheese wins top honors at Global Cheese Awards

Sartori’s Extra-Aged Goat Cheese wins top honors at Global Cheese Awards

Plymouth, WI  (Food News)  Sartori Company is pleased to announce their Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat Cheese has received a Gold Medal at this year’s Global Cheese Awards in Somerset, U.K.  This is the second year the competition has been opened to non-European countries.  Last year, Sartori’s SarVecchio® Parmesan was named “Best Parmesan.”

Since childhood, Sartori’s Cheesemaker Pam Hodgson was motivated to create an extraordinary goat cheese due to a connection she felt from her father’s purchasing of a pair of goats. As a natural lover of goat cheese, Hodgson saw a real opportunity to fill a void that goat cheesemakers were not exploring: an approachable, yet flavorful aged goat cheese.  Keeping in the Sartori tradition, Pam and her team spent many years experimenting with different ingredients and various innovative processes to perfect this award-winning cheese.

When asked about the process of crafting an extra aged goat milk cheese Pam explains, “It is critical to understand the development of the pleasing, complex flavors that are a truly unique characteristic of this cheese.  I am especially delighted in how we have been able to balance the flavors.  When working with goat milk, it can be rather tricky to make the cheese without one flavor or another taking over and negatively impacting taste.  As a result of the care and special processes, we enhanced the savory and caramel notes.  The extra care also allows this cheese to be more approachable to the tentative taster.  It’s creamy and smooth with slight earthy flavors, and not overwhelming in any aspect.”

The Frome Cheese Show / Global Cheese Awards is one of the oldest cheese shows in the U.K. and has been well known for over 150 years.  Last year, the competition expanded, enabling international entries to be associated, growing the entries by 60%.  “We are very fortunate to participate in such a successful cheese competition that values specialty cheeses and unique recipes that have been handed down for many generations.  Sartori is a fourth generation, family owned artisan cheese producer and that is how we will always be,” stated Sartori President, Jeff Schwager.

Other awards received this year were bronze medals both for Dolcina® Gorgonzola and SarVecchio Parmesan.

All of Sartori’s cheeses are available at finer cheese shops throughout the United States and online for purchase at

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