Toronto  (Food News)  Those who grew up eating WONDER bread will be pleased to find a fun collection of recipes on the company’s site. Each recipe utilizes a version of the now-preservative-free healthy bread, allowing Canadians to feel good about their food choices. Families and singles alike are given the opportunity to eat a nutritional bread made with 100% Canadian wheat, while still enjoying the nostalgic taste and texture they remember from WONDER bread.

With selections like Grilled Cheese Pizza and Pop-A-Wheelies, even children who turn their nose at the same old lunches will find something they like with the WONDER bread recipes. There are recipes for adults too, with sophisticated but accessible choices like the Tasty Tzatziki Chicken Sandwich or Veggie Pesto Squares. No matter which recipe is chosen, made on white or whole wheat bread, Canadians no longer need to choose between delicious bread or healthy bread.

Each recipe on the WONDER bread site has been taste-tested, and we’ve been getting some great feedback on our Facebook page! We’re always looking for new and fun ways to enjoy WONDER bread, and are glad to offer Canadians a balance between nutrition and taste.

Weston Bakeries Limited invites fans to share their own favourite WONDER bread recipes on their Facebook page. WONDER bread is baked fresh daily, now free of all artificial preservatives, flavours, and chemical additives, and available on grocery and convenience store shelves now.

We know you and your families will love the new recipes we’ve created. Put a new twist on the WONDER bread that you remember from your childhood, and let us know how your family likes it!

About Weston Bakeries Limited

Weston Bakeries Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of George Weston Limited and one of the largest bakeries in Canada, is a producer of breads, rolls, bagels, tortillas and other fresh baked products under leading brands such as WONDER®, D’ITALIANO®, COUNTRY HARVEST®, GADOUA® and WESTON®. For more information on WONDER® bread, visit:

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