Collinsville, CT  (Food News)  Passage Foods keeps cooking with the launch of Creamy Beef Stroganoff Simmer Sauce and Spanish Chicken Casserole Simmer Sauce.  Each of these European classic dishes is made with all fresh ingredients to ensure the full flavors are captured for a true restaurant quality meal served at home.  Originating in the haute cuisine of the 19th century, these Passage to Europe simmer sauces are certified gluten free, all natural and preservative free. Each sauce is added to a choice of meat and vegetables and simmered to be ready in less than twenty minutes.

“There has been such a focus on nouvelle and fusion cuisine that sometimes we fail to give justice to traditional and the tried-and-true recipes,” says Passage Foods’ Mark MacKenzie.  “These two dishes are wonderful, classic comfort foods.  They may not be esoteric, modern day ingredient creations, but they are always a huge success at the dinner table.  Restaurant trends tend to dictate what consumers want at home and traditional, comfort foods have stepped out as one of the leading food growth areas of the last few years.”

More than 74% of American consumers believe comfort foods are a rising trend, outdistancing health food (61%) and organic food (59%) according to a recent Bon Appetit survey.  Overall retail sales of comfort foods have been rising since 2008 and show no signs of slowing as consumers have rediscovered cooking more at home and look to find indulgence in products that are known and less complicated.  The Passage to Europe Simmer Sauce recipes start with the very best stocks and are blended with simple quality ingredients for perfect everyday meals.

About Passage Foods USA

All Passage Foods cooking sauces are part of a simple timesaving three-step meal solution that satisfies the needs of the time-starved consumer. Each sauce is added to meat, seafood or vegetables and simmered for 15 to 20 minutes. Passage Foods also produces Passage to Indian, Passage to Mexico, Passage to Thailand, Passage to China and Passage to Morocco cooking sauces.  Passage Foods USA is an affiliate of Flavour Makers Pty. Ltd., the second largest seasoning manufacturer in Australia. For additional product and consumer market information, call 1-800-860-1045 or visit Passage Foods online at

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