New Toll-Free Ham Hotline Answering Calls for Ham HelpMake spring celebrations easy and memorable this year with a delicious ham prepared to perfection with the help of the Kentucky Legend Ham Hotline.

The ham hotline, open April 1-30, will help at-home chefs choose, prepare and serve up a delicious ham meal – and even provide recipes for the leftovers.  Ham experts will field calls at 1-866-343-5058 from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.  

Kentucky Legend Ham decided to sponsor the first-ever ham hotline because consumers frequently contacted the company with questions during peak ham holidays, such as Easter.  The dedicated hotline assures consumers will get answers when they need them, whether they’re about to buy a ham, placing it in the oven or carving it at the table.  Consumers also can learn more about ham and find new recipes at

“We’re here to help,” says Janet Sweeney, marketing director for Kentucky Legend Ham.  “Whether you’re preparing a new glaze or sauce for your ham or just need to know how big of a ham to buy.”

Best of all, anyone can create a great ham dinner, according to Diane Morgan, author of more than 16 cookbooks, including several on entertaining ( “No matter what your skill level in the kitchen, ham is just about foolproof – especially with the hotline backing you up,” she said.  “And the leftovers are an added bonus.  You can stretch your food dollars by using them in everything from sandwiches and soups to creative casseroles.”

Kentucky Legend Ham is appropriately named.  Made for more than 100 years in Owensboro, Kentucky, each ham is hand-carved from a recipe handed down through generations.  The hams are slow-cooked in their own natural juices, then double-smoked.  They can be eaten right away, or gently reheated in the oven.

Kentucky Legend Hams are produced by Specialty Foods Group. Specialty Foods Group, Inc (SFG) is a leading U.S. producer and marketer of a wide variety of premium branded and private-label processed meat products.

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