SPARKS, Md.  (  Happiness is not just a state of mind; it could also reflect the state of your plate. According to the LAWRY’S® “What’s Your Flavor” survey, a nationwide poll of 1,000 U.S. adults that looked at the behaviors of people based on their flavor preference, fans of tart flavors (such as citrus) are the happiest across a range of personal and professional areas – more so than individuals who prefer spicy, sweet, or savory flavors.

The survey found that people with a tendency towards tartness consider themselves extremely happy overall, and are particularly happy with their family life, finances, work/life balanceeven their health.  These troubadours for tartness, representing the largest group, are also social butterflies.  The Joyous Joiners are extroverts who love to entertain at home, find it very important to join in social events in the community, and love to express their creativity.  This sociability also extends online – they are also active on the greatest number of social networking sites.

“We know that people love to express themselves through the food they prepare, so we wanted to take a deeper look at what excites consumers’ tastes,” said Erin Stine, product manager for Lawry’s.

If action is what you’re after, you may want to seek out a spicy flavor aficionado.  According to the survey, those who prefer spicy flavors are confident, adventurous people with a passion for travel.  While they are the biggest risk takers and can be impulsive, don’t confuse it with recklessness – this segment is also resourceful, analytical, and most able to “look at the big picture.” These Self-Assured Adventurers also have the biggest passion for cooking and enjoy the most diverse cuisines.

On the other hand, Sweet Lifers (those who prefer honey and fruit-infused flavors) are a family-focused group that are the most kind and most loyal, although you probably wouldn’t hear any of this directly from them because they are also the most modest. The taste preferences of Sweet Lifers are influenced by their parents, they enjoy family entertainment, and consider themselves spiritual.  

The final survey segment looked at those who prefer savory flavors (a touch of salt and seasoning). These Conventionalists are introverted, the least adventurous and describe themselves as homebodies.  They enjoy camping and hiking and love outdoor barbeques as well as American cuisine.  They are big fans of reality television and are passionate when it comes to politics.

Beyond looking at flavor and one’s personality, Lawry’s uncovered some interesting facts about the use and influence of flavors in cooking:  

  • About half of Americans say they are passionate about food, with more than one-third watching cooking shows regularly
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they try a new flavor at least once a month, and 61 percent like to get creative with the food they cook
  • The biggest influence on flavor preference comes from “experimenting in the kitchen” (33 percent), followed by eating out (32 percent) and learning from their parents (19 percent)
  • We are a grilling nation, with people preferring to barbeque outdoors more than any other cooking method – in fact, 63 percent of respondents grill year round
  • Flavor is a family affair, with 7 in 10 respondents reporting that they enjoy cooking with their children

No matter what your flavor is, Lawry’s has something for you. If you’re a “Sweet Lifer,” you may want to try Lawry’s Hawaiian or Herb and Garlic marinades, while spicy flavor fans may feel confident about Baja Chipotle, Szechuan or Buffalo BBQ.  If tart is more your taste, try Caribbean Jerk or Lemon Pepper, while the savory savvy might want to try Mesquite or Teriyaki.  Visit to find the flavors that perfectly matches your personality and taste preference.  


Whether you are cooking a quick weeknight dinner or grilling for a laid-back barbecue, LAWRY’S® full line of marinades, seasoning mixes and spice blends help create delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy. Each of LAWRY’S® signature products add a zing of flavor and excitement to everyday dinners providing busy families with the opportunity to spend less time cooking and more time enjoying their meal and each other’s company.

Survey Background

A national online study was fielded April/May 2010 with 1,000 completed surveys among those aged 18-64. Demographics were monitored to ensure census proportions.   The survey was conducted by the Harrison Group, a leading market research and strategy consulting firm headquartered in Waterbury, CT.

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