New MyPlate Food Icon UnveiledOut with the old and in with the new. The tired old food pyramid has been retired, and it has been replaced with a shiny new healthy eating concept that is being called, “MyPlate.” The new concept  was revealed June 2, 2011 by First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

MyPlate will help people make better choices with the foods that they buy and consume. A website has been established for the new concept. Consumers who want more in depth information are encouraged to visit The website is full of information that will help consumers make better choices for their eating habits. The older MyPyramid concept will still be available to health professionals and educators in a separate section of the new website.

Eating better is not always about changing what you eat as much as it is about changing and managing bad eating habits. has plenty of  “how-tos” that can help every consumer adapt better to changing behaviors that are often associated with less than healthy eating habits. Consumers, educators, health professionals and anyone that is looking for answers on how to eat better can benefit from the many tips and tools available at the website.

Everything is setup with ease of use in mind. Easily learn about nutrition, dietary assessment, get daily tips on healthy eating, look up foods, get healthy meal menus, find a personalized healthy eating plan for you, analyze your current diet, ask questions and get important weight loss information that works.

America is experiencing obesity at an alarming rate. The tools and resources available through can help empower people and steer them towards a healthier diet. These resources are not just for individuals, but they are also an extremely powerful asset for families, and children as well. To add some icing to the cake, the USDA is currently developing an online tool that consumers can use to completely personalize their diet and exercise choices. This unique and easy to use tool will be available later this year.

MyPlate puts the focus on vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy food groups. MyPlate shows consumers how easy it is to balance your food intake by eating less and avoiding foods that are high in calories, but more filling.

MyPlate also gives consumers great advice on which foods you should eat more of. For instance, half of your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. 25% of your plate should be grains, and of that at least half of your grains should be whole grains.

There are also great examples of what foods should be reduced. MyPlate encourages consumers to read labels and choose foods that have less sodium and fat. Replace all of those sugary sweet drinks with water. This will reduce your calorie intake and provide your body with more of what it actually needs.

With all of the different healthy choices out there, choosing what you should eat and how much you should eat can become really confusing. MyPlate helps to unify and simplify food choices. Efforts are being made on a national and global level to highlight important changes one at a time.

The USDA has launched a Twitter campaign to help put MyPlate into action. Consumers are encouraged to take snapshots of their breakfast, lunch and dinner plates and share them with the world via Twitter. Twitter users can upload their pictures with the hash-tag #MyPlate to share them with the world.

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