New Cheese Trend Provides Perfect Pairings for Summer Entertaining

New Cheese Trend Provides Perfect Pairings for Summer Entertaining

Boonton, NJ  (Food News)  As the height of the Summer party season approaches, Emmi Roth USA, one of the world’s premier dairy companies and maker of specialty and artisan cheeses, has some suggestions for incorporating the hot new trend in cheese into party fare. Cheese consumers like to explore new things, but they can be fickle when it comes to altering the recipe of a traditional favorite. Rubbed-rind cheeses are creating buzz in the culinary world for the visual appeal, aroma and flavor they bring to the table without altering the integrity of the underlying cheese. Coated with spices, herbs or wine, rubbed-rind cheeses are perfect for pairing with warm-weather foods and wines.

Unique cheeses like Emmi Roth USA’s herb-coated Swiss Alp Bellevue and Swiss Alp Panorama and the award-winning red wine lees rubbed Winzer are perfect options for bringing sophistication and flavor to pairings in a party spread. For example, these cheeses go beautifully with Summer fruits like strawberries and grapes, as well as toasted, salty nuts.

Rubbed-rind cheeses aren’t just for the cheese board either- the extra flavor they provide make them a perfect addition to burgers, quesadillas and sandwiches; and they’re perfect to grate over grilled or roasted Summer vegetables like squash, peppers and mushrooms.

Of course the classic pairing for cheese is wine, and rubbed-rind cheeses are no different. For these bold cheeses, wines like Gamay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Champagne and Syrah stand up to and enhance their full flavor.

Incorporating these trendy and high-end cheeses into the menu is a great way to impress guests at Summer barbeques, graduations, or Fourth of July parties. Emmi Roth USA specialty cheeses, including the Swiss Alp and Winzer cheeses can be found at local grocers or online at

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