Kellogg's Introduces New Eggo FiberPlus WafflesFiber is forging a delicious path into the frozen-food aisle with the introduction of Eggo FiberPlus Waffles. The newest addition to the Eggo lineup combines a delicious Eggo taste with positive nutrition.

Eggo FiberPlus Waffles boasts a golden, crispy outside and warm, fluffy inside of traditional Eggo waffles while providing an excellent source of fiber — satisfying 35 percent of the daily recommended value in every tasty serving. Kellogg Company recognizes that fiber is an important nutrient and that fewer than 1 in 10 Americans get enough of it on a daily basis(1). Additionally, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) call attention to fiber as a “nutrient of concern(2).”  Eggo FiberPlus Waffles are a delicious offering that will help people close the fiber gap. 

The new Kellogg’s Eggo FiberPlus Waffles are available in two flavors: buttermilk and chocolate chip.  The buttermilk variety offers 35 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, while the chocolate chip variety provides 20 percent of the recommended daily value of the antioxidants vitamin E and zinc. Both varieties are a good source of 10 or more vitamins and minerals. Research shows that consumers also are seeking to add more antioxidants and other nutrients to their diets(3) and Eggo FiberPlus Waffles help satisfy this need.

Eggo FiberPlus Waffles offer a simply delicious taste that consumers have come to expect from Eggo,” said Cathy Schneck, VP Marketing Kellogg Frozen Foods. “Now they also provide the added nutrition benefits of fiber and either the antioxidants vitamin E and zinc or calcium.”

Eggo FiberPlus Waffles will join other favorites including Eggo Home-style, Buttermilk and Eggo Nutri-Grain waffles — all part of a great-tasting family of products that consumers have enjoyed for years.

Eggo FiberPlus Waffles are available now in the frozen section of grocery retailers nationwide.  To learn more about new Eggo FiberPlus Waffles and about other Eggo products, visit

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(2) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, January 2011.

(3) Wellness Lifestyle Insights 2007 by the Hartman Group, Inc.

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