COAL VALLEY, Ill.  (  Valley Meats LLC of Coal Valley, Illinois announced today that it has introduced a new ground pork patty product available to regional casual and quick service dining venues in the central Midwest.

Available in 4, 6 and 8-ounce sizes, the new, frozen ground pork patties are designed to be cooked on a flat top, broiler or grill, providing restaurants with a cost-effective alternative/addition to the traditional ground beef hamburger or related pork products such as breaded pork sandwiches and butterfly pork chops.

Valley Meats, situated near the Mississippi River adjacent to the Quad Cities area in Illinois/Iowa, is located at the epicenter of pork production and processing in the U.S.  The company, which owns and operates a successful meat processing facility in Coal Valley, created the new pork patty product to meet a growing demand for more healthy and economical substitutes for smaller, regional restaurants.

“In light of the pork tradition and the popularity of pork tenderloins in the Iowa, Illinois and Indiana farm belt and the broader market introductions of consumer pork products such as Burger King’s Country Pork Sandwich launched this spring, we feel that this pork patty product has an attractive market niche,” said Jeff Jobe, President of Valley Meats.

Jobe said the patties are made from a quality blend of fresh pork, first ground and formed as a patty and then knitted back together using a specialized tenderizing machine that gives the product a homemade appearance and texture. The product is then frozen using IQF technology. The company suggests a cooking temperature between 160 to 170 degrees (medium/well).  Several recipes are available by contacting Valley Meats at 309-799-7341.

Jobe said the company is now showing the product to restaurants throughout its geographic territory, which ranges from Kansas to Ohio and from Michigan to Oklahoma.

About Valley Meats

Valley Meats LLC and associated brand J & B Meats,, have for the past 35 years provided high quality meat products to regional casual and quick service dining venues in the greater Midwest.  The product line includes fresh and frozen ground beef products with a particular expertise in fresh ground beef patties, steaks and chops. Specialty products include flavored or seasoned beef patties, breaded pork, marinated fajitas strips, beef strips and diced meats.

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