Consumers can now make foods calling for confectioners’ and brown sugar without sugar

INDIANAPOLIS  (  Heartland Sweeteners, known for its array of sugar-free sweeteners with health benefits, has created Ideal® Confectionery, the world’s first and only low-calorie powdered sweetener made with the natural ingredient xylitol. In addition, the company is also announcing Ideal® Brown, which measures cup for cup like brown sugar and is perfect for baking. These are the first low-calorie brown and powdered products that will sweeten without sugar.

Ideal® Confectionery provides all the flavor of your favorite buttercream frosting, without using sugar – especially important for those with diabetes and calorie-conscious individuals. Plus, Ideal® Confectionery has 130 fewer calories per cup than sugar, and xylitol, the key ingredient in all Ideal® products, is known to effectively reduce tooth decay.

Performing as well as brown sugar in muffins or marinades or sprinkled on oatmeal, Ideal® Brown has the texture and taste one expects from traditional brown sugar. Yet Ideal® Brown contains zero calories and just 1.5 carbohydrates per serving.

“We have been developing and testing Ideal® Brown and Confectionery sweeteners for months and are pleased to be signing additional customers each week,” said Eddie Pellegrino, VP sales. “The Ideal® line of sweeteners has been very successful, and we look forward to further innovation in the future. Ideal® is the best-tasting sugar substitute on the market and does not have the bitter aftertaste often associated with many varieties of stevia.”

Ideal® Confectionery will be sold in 16-ounce packages, equal to a standard size box of powdered sugar. Ideal® Brown will be sold in 10.6-ounce packages, with equivalent sweetness to a 2-lb box of brown sugar. For more information, visit

About Heartland Sweeteners

Based outside of Indianapolis, Heartland Sweeteners, LLC, is a leader in the production and development of innovative food products that are great for the whole family. Heartland produces and distributes branded and private label sweeteners for the food industry. Their branded products of Nevella® with probiotics and Ideal® are great for the whole family, diabetics and people watching their calorie intake. Both Nevella® and Ideal® are perfect for baking and are distributed throughout North America, Europe and Central and South America. Visit Heartland at and


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