Framingham, Ma  (Food News)  There’s an ever-growing consumer awareness of the benefits of wild-caught seafood in terms of both healthfulness and sustainability. This grilling season, Blue Horizon Wild aims to hook those health and source-conscious shoppers and reel them in with their newly improved wild-caught Surf Burgers in updated packaging.

The brand’s grill-ready Surf Burgers are made from wild-caught Alaskan Salmon and flavored with natural spices and cheeses. The patties are naturally gluten-free and available in Plain Salmon, Cilantro Lime, and Blue Cheese flavors.

Salmon Surf Burgers are crafted using a proprietary process that uses whole (not minced) muscle.  This creates a unique, hand-crafted texture and a light, fresh flavor unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Like all Blue Horizon Wild seafood, the salmon is caught according to strict marine stewardship standards and meet “Best Choice” guidelines set by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. Practically speaking that means Blue Horizon Wild products support wild ocean habits and fishing practices that promote healthy fish populations.

Blue Horizon Wild products also adhere to “clean label” standards.  Its Surf Burgers are free from synthetics, fillers, and chemical preservatives. Fish are wild-caught and therefore naturally raised without antibiotics or growth hormones found in many farming operations.  In addition, the brand maintains a testing program to monitor for mercury and PCBs.

Surf Burgers from Blue Horizon Wild are sold in 2-count packages (SRP $4.99-$5.49) and are also available to restaurateurs through a food-service program.

100% of all Blue Horizon Wild products are manufactured in the company’s manufacturing facility in Framingham, MA and 95% of its seafood comes from North American fisheries.  Proprietary labor and small-batch manufacturing techniques give Blue Horizon Wild products superior flavor and mouth appeal versus, other seafood products that are uniformly punched through mass-production machines.

About Blue Horizon Wild

Blue Horizon Wild is recognized as a pioneer and leader in sustainable, wild-caught seafood.  Every frozen entree, appetizer and surf burger provides consumers with a richly flavored seafood experience complete with wholesome nutrients as well as a chance to support sustainable, socially responsible stewardship of the world’s natural seafood supply. Blue Horizon Wild products are never treated with chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors or colors.  Blue Horizon Wild is owned by Elevation Brands, LLC and is located in Framingham, Massachusetts.  For more information, visit

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