Consumer-friendly transformation of government database is just one part of the new, re-imagined FitOrbit 2.0

Los Angeles, CA  (Food News)  FitOrbit announced today the launch of their all new FitOrbit 2.0, with a radically simplified way for consumers to interact with the USDA foods database as they track their meals. FitOrbit, launched two years ago, is the first-of-its-kind solution that provides a real, certified personal trainer to its members with a one-on-one, proven-effective training and nutrition plan over the internet, all for less than ten dollars a week.  The all new FitOrbit 2.0 now offers even more intuitive features that further enhance the relationship between client and trainer.

The new “smart” USDA food logging database makes it simple and easy for FitOrbit members to track their food and calorie consumption in a user-friendly format.  This smart foods innovation logs “green beans” as is.  Previously, the USDA database required users to enter multiple variations of “beans, green, canned, in water.”  This solution pioneered by FitOrbit is the key to ease of use which allows real people to achieve real success.

Using feedback from their 10,000 current clients, FitOrbit 2.0 has also revolutionized multiple aspects of its users’ online experience, including a redesigned mobile App that makes on-the-go accessibility to FitOrbit’s trainers and personal plans faster and more convenient.  Additionally, there are newly revamped communications tools that allow state-of-the-art web and mobile user-to-trainer contact as well as an updated user interface that simplifies logging with FitOrbit’s Progress Tracker, which monitors weight loss, calorie and water intake, exercises, and sleep.

“The keys to a successful personal trainer are being able to motivate and inspire clients by listening to their needs and giving them the tools to achieve real results.  Since its launch, FitOrbit has enabled our trainers to change people’s lives worldwide.  Our 2.0 version includes newly invented ‘true-to-life’ tools in a warm, friendly and intuitive user interface.  Weight loss success with personal training has never been easier, more affordable or, most importantly, more effective,” says Jake Steinfeld, Chairman of Body by Jake Global and FitOrbit Founder and Chairman.  Jake Steinfeld is the fitness industry visionary who is credited as making personal fitness training an industry.

About FitOrbit

FitOrbit was founded in 2009 by one of the fitness industry’s reigning icons, Jake Steinfeld, of “Body by Jake” fame.  For less than $2 a day, FitOrbit delivers personal trainers and individual fitness and nutrition programs online.  FitOrbit members get a full lifestyle package, including a smartly personalized workout plan, a realistic meal plan (with suggested recipes/ingredients/ and even local restaurant menu suggestions), plus 24/7 standby support. Members get to choose a certified trainer whose personality and approach mesh with theirs. And if for some reason the chemistry isn’t there, users can switch as often as they want.

FitOrbit: Ridiculously Affordable, Remarkably Successful.  Available at

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