Exclusive Meat Purveyor, 35 Degrees Premium Aged Steaks, Now Delivering Overnight to Your Door35 Degrees Premium Aged Steaks is the LUXE online meat purveyor, and delivers fresh, never frozen, premium quality meats to your doorstep overnight.

For the first time, home chefs, foodies and trendsetters alike are provided access to the same premium quality that had been reserved for America’s top restaurants and Prime steakhouses.

35 Degrees Products: We Are Meat Specialists

Specializing in Prime and Certified Angus Beef® grades, as well as Kurobuta and Salmon Creek Natural Pork, and Colorado Lamb. Taste panel comparisons consistently confirm that our exceptional quality is simply not available at retail supermarkets and local butcher shops.

At 35 Degrees Premium Aged Steaks we have aligned ourselves with the highest quality producers of natural beef, veal, lamb and pork. At 35 Degrees we pay particular attention to animal genetics, type of feed, proper aging, correct cut and trim, packaging integrity, and overall appearance.

35 Degrees Experience:

Rick Nicholas, Technical Director & Partner, founded Newport Meat Company in 1975, and grew the company to being regarded as Southern California’s premier wholesale meat purveyor. The business was sold to SYSCO in 1999.

Adam Nicholas, Managing Partner, grew up in the meat business, and was passionate about uncovering new business opportunities for the company. The family business was the topic of the table each night at home for dinner, where gracious home entertaining was a hallmark. After dinner, friends always raved about the meal and asked where they could buy such outstanding meat. Rick and Adam would then explain that properly aged beef, and premium quality meats, were simply unavailable at the retail level.

This discussion served as the foundation for Rick and Adams’ collaboration in creating “35 Degrees Premium Aged Steaks” and with the advent of state-of-the-art packaging and modern transportation and shipping methods has finally allowed the this company and its high standards to provide, for the first time, the home consumer with access to premium quality meat products.

The 35 Degrees Brand Promise: “All Beef, No Bull”

35 Degrees’ mission is to deliver custom-cut Prime Steakhouse quality direct to your kitchen, or as a gracious gift to your friends and associates. 35 Degrees understands how to control the complex variables that affect meat quality.

You will see, and definitely taste, the 35 Degrees difference.

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