Bean Brand(R) Foods Introduces Two New Varieties of Beanitos at Fancy Foods NYC Show and Announces Partnership with Natural/Specialty Sales and Acosta

AUSTIN, Texas  (  Beanitos, the first corn-free, certified low glycemic and gluten-free bean chip, has been on store shelves for less than six months, and has just announced two key milestones:  1. a strategic partnership with Acosta and Natural/Specialty Sales (NSS), the leaders in the supermarket and club sales industry, and the natural specialty food space respectively, and 2. the introduction of two new flavors, Cheddar Cheese and Chipotle BBQ.  These new flavors will be introduced to a national audience at the premier Fancy Foods Show in NYC June 27-29, 2010.  

Launched in January of 2010, Beanitos quickly won top placement in the competitive space for eye-level grocery store shelves at top retailers nationwide.  Recently, an executive at one of the largest grocery chains in the Southwest region had this to say, “I’ve been very impressed with the sell-through. The Beanitos brand has offered us a very healthy alternative…sales have continued at a very steady growth, and I’ve upped our supply chain forecast at least twice now to keep up with customer demand.”

The specialty snack space is fiercely competitive. And yet the Beanitos brand has garnered the attention of premier natural specialty foods distributor, Natural/Specialty Sales. According to Mike Anderson, NSS President, “Beanitos fits squarely in our sweet spot for natural specialty food brands. The unique consumer benefit of its high nutritionals, coupled with its executive team’s industry expertise, creates an incredible win for all.”

The additional partnership with Acosta provides greater market penetration for Beanitos into the large format, supermarket and club sales industry.   Combined, Acosta and NSS will accelerate Beanitos growth in both markets.  These partners, in their respective categories, excel at speed-to-shelf operations.  In the natural and specialty food markets (including supermarkets), speed-to-shelf enables Beanitos to get product into consumers’ hands quickly, keeping up with the demand generated widely through word of mouth and media endorsements.

In addition to this major sales and marketing partnership win, Beanitos will add to its current product line of Black Bean, and Pinto Bean with Flax Chips. At the June Fancy Foods Show in NYC, Beanitos will preview two new flavors: Pinto Bean Cheddar Cheese and Black Bean Chipotle BBQ. According to Doug Foreman, CEO of Bean Brand Foods, “A major nutritional achievement, we were able to add all natural cheese and barbecue versions of the black and pinto bean without sacrificing the health benefits that makes these chips so special. We’ve actually managed to improve the nutritionals by lowering the calorie and sodium counts even more!”

Bean Brand Foods was founded with one clear mission: develop healthy snacks based on simple, real ingredients such as beans and whole grain rice. Foreman explains, “We exceeded our initial sales estimates. Obviously we’re happy with our progress and owe our success to consumers. They are smarter and more health conscious than ever before. They read labels and want products that taste good, and are good for them. Our mission drives all decisions: offer snack chip lovers a tasty alternative to corn and potato chips that fills them up with real, healthy and nutritious ingredients – period.”    

Beanitos are available throughout the country at specialty retailers and grocers including, Akin’s & Chamberlin’s Natural Foods, Central Market, Cosentino’s Price Chopper, Crown Wine & Spirits, Earth Fare, Econofoods, H-E-B Grocery Company, Ingles Market, King Kullen, Longo’s, Lunds and Byerly’s, Nash Finch Company, Papa Joe’s Gourmet Market, Ric’s Food Center, Sendik’s Food Markets, Sprouts Farmers Market, United Supermarkets, and Whole Foods Markets.

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Bean Brand Foods is dedicated to the research and development of delicious and innovative all-natural healthful food products centered on the powerfully nutritious yet humble legume. Bean Brand Foods is an Austin, Texas, based company formed in 2009 by brothers Doug and Dave Foreman who, together, have more than 60 years of food industry expertise, primarily focused on the better-for-you and natural snacks space.

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