Bauducco Launches Panettone in the U.S.MIAMI  (  Enjoyed for centuries during the holiday season in Italy, panettone – a sweet, specialty cake typically incorporating raisins, dried fruit and candied citrus peel – can add an unexpected twist to your holiday table.

“In Italy, panettone is a staple from late November through New Year’s, served as a dessert, at breakfast with coffee, and even in recipes like French toast,” said Lucinda Scala Quinn, author of MAD Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys and Lucinda’s Rustic Italian Kitchen and an expert in Italian culinary traditions. “But it has been hard to find in America, limited to gourmet specialty stores in cities with large Italian-American populations.” Now, Bauducco Foods, a Brazilian food company with Italian roots, is looking to change that by introducing panettone into grocery stores across the U.S.

Made in the authentic Italian fashion, Bauducco Panettone incorporates the highest quality ingredients like Sun-Maid raisins and – in a new take on tradition – Hershey’s chocolate chips. “With its subtle sweetness and light texture, panettone is more versatile than traditional cakes. I like it on its own, or topped with ice cream or powdered sugar,” said Scala Quinn. “It pairs well with dessert wines or Champagne for an after-dinner treat, or coffee or hot chocolate in the morning.”

The Story of Panettone

While there are various versions of the story of panettone, all of them take place in northern Italy, near Milan. One version of the story centers around a baker’s helper named Toni, who accidentally knocked raisins into a bowl of bread dough, and then tried to remedy the situation by adding more dried fruit, sugar, butter and eggs. He baked it and gave it to his employer, who hailed the new creation and named it “pane di Toni” (Toni’s bread, in Italian). In another legend, Toni the baker is deeply in love and concocts the recipe to win the respect of his beloved’s father. In reality, the recipe developed from the Romans, who made a bread enriched with fruit similar to panettone.

“The story of panettone is a big part of its appeal,” said Scala Quinn. “How perfect for a holiday treat to have developed out of an intense love.”

Panettone as a Gift

In addition to being served to friends and family throughout the holiday season, panettone is also typically given as a hostess gift in many countries, in lieu of flowers or wine. “It’s such a lovely and, at least in the U.S., unexpected gesture to give a panettone,” said Scala Quinn. “I give it decoratively wrapped, and attach a card with a serving idea or two on one side, and the story of panettone written on the other.”

Bauducco Panettone  is now available for the holiday season at grocery stores nationwide. For more information on Bauducco Panettone, as well as recipes and serving suggestions, visit

About Bauducco Foods

Founded in 1952 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Carlo Bauducco, Bauducco Foods is the leading manufacturer of baked goods in Brazil and is the largest maker of panettone in the world, exporting to 80 countries. The company employs 3,000 full-time and 2,300 seasonal workers. In addition to panettone, Bauducco produces cookies, wafers, roll cakes, toasts, bread sticks, shortbread and tea biscuits. Bauducco’s base of operations in the U.S. is in Miami; the company serves a variety of retailers with the support of partners, distributors and an accomplished sales team.

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