Kansas City, MO  (Food News)  The American Heart Association has certified another Kansas City Steak product (the 5 oz. Top Sirloin Steak) as part of its Heart-Check Food Certification Program. The program places the association’s Heart-Check mark on food packages to help healthy consumers easily and quickly identify heart-healthy foods.

“We are extremely proud to receive this American Heart Association certification because it is such a trusted health organization,” says said Edward Scavuzzo, President of Kansas City Steak Company. “Today, Kansas City Steak has added a great nutrition option to our growing Seasoned Steaks product line of extra lean beef which can be part of a sensible eating plan. Nutrients in extra lean beef, such as protein, iron and zinc, help people feel satisfied longer and get more nutrition from their calories without sacrificing taste.”

The American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark is the most trusted nutrition icon on food packaging. The Top Sirloin Steaks by Kansas City Steak are perfect for those who are focused on healthy eating options. They are exceptionally lean, trimmed of all exterior fat, and have the same robust, beefy flavor as all other Kansas City Steak top sirloin options. They are cut from mid-western Kansas, corn-fed beef and aged for up to 28 days.

Founded in 1932, the Kansas City Steak Company™ is a family-owned company that offers a variety of the highest quality meats and other fine foods direct to the consumer through the company’s catalog, website and toll-free phone number (1-800-524-1844). For more information about other heart healthy options from Kansas City Steak, go to The American Heart Association section on the website.

About the Heart-Check Mark

The American Heart Association established the Heart-Check mark in 1995 to give consumers an easy, reliable system for identifying heart-healthy foods as a first step in building a sensible eating plan. More than 900 products that bear the Heart-Check mark have been screened and verified by the association to meet criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol. To learn more about the Heart-Check mark, and to see a complete list of certified products and participating companies, visit heartcheckmark.org.

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