Bolthouse Farms, the California-based health and wellness company, announced today that the American Heart Association has certified its 100% Carrot Juice, Baby Carrots and Cello Carrots. Now these products may display the heart-check mark on each label. The heart-check mark indicates products that meet the nutritional standards the American Heart Association sets for foods and beverages.

The American Heart Association’s heart-check mark is added to the food and beverage packaging of certified products. The symbol denotes that products meet the association’s criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol for healthy people over the age of two. Consumers can easily spot the mark while grocery shopping. Information about the American Heart Association’s heart-check mark can be found at:

“The American Heart Association’s certification formally declares what nutritionists have long known: carrots and carrot juice are an excellent part of a heart-healthy diet,” said Jeff Dunn, CEO, Bolthouse Farms. “The heart-check mark on our packaging can be a beacon for consumers looking to live healthy, active lives.”

To earn American Heart Association certification, products must meet a specific set of standards. The association examines the nutritional levels for single serving sizes (as specified by the FDA) on a number of different criteria ranging from Total Fats to Beneficial Nutrients and more. For example, products must include 3 grams or less of Total Fat, 20 milligrams or less of Cholesterol, and 10% or more of the Daily Value of 1-6 nutrients (such as Vitamin C, Iron or Calcium).

Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice and Bolthouse Farms Baby Carrots and Cello Carrots can be found in grocery stores nationwide. Product information, imagery and suggested retail pricing can be found at:

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