Los Angeles, CA  (Food-News.net)  Altitude Coffee, the web’s first user-driven coffee roaster, announces the launch of their wholesale coffee program. Altitude Coffee’s wholesale coffee program allows coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other coffee serving establishments the ability to create their own unique coffee blends online in real time at affordable wholesale prices.

“Although the idea of providing customized blends to wholesale clients is not new, the ability to do so online, and in real time, is,” says Aaron Walls, Vice President of Development for Altitude Coffee, “Specialty coffee roasters have been providing their clients with customized blends for a long time now and the process of creating the blend and changing it down the line can be a long and expensive one. However using Altitude Coffee and Ascension, clients can create new blends or change their existing blends online, in seconds.”

“It’s very important to note that unlike other custom blending services online, we do not use flavoring syrups,” says Walls.  “Ascension collects the underlying qualities of single origin coffees from our users, such as berry and citrus of an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, or nut and chocolate of a Brazil”. 

Ascension then creates a best fit blend using only the single origin varietals stocked by Altitude Coffee.

“The main difference between Altitude Coffee and other specialty coffee roasters is that we are entirely data driven. With the attribute information we collect about each bean from all of our online users, we are able to do a lot of things that other roasters can’t, like algorithmically combine those single origins into custom blends in real time using their underlying attributes. The result is a more accurate blend,” says Walls, “And instead of going back and forth with the sales rep if you want to adjust the blend for more or less of a certain characteristic, you can simply log onto the website and click the sliders to tune the blend, Ascension does the rest.”

While Altitude Coffee offers the ability to purchase custom coffee blends on their website in 5lb and 25lb quantities, contacting a wholesale account representative is the best way to get one on one assistance in creating a coffee program that works for the unique needs of your establishment. Programs consist of preferential pricing, regularly scheduled coffee deliveries, 12oz retail bags of your custom blends for customers to purchase, and much more. Altitude Coffee also provides single origin coffee and community coffee blends at wholesale prices.

To get in touch with an Altitude Coffee wholesales representative, send an email to wholesale(at)altitudecoffee(dot)com or call (866) 698-8795.

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