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SACRAMENTO, Calif.  (  Dairy Council of California is bringing together National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (September) and National Eat Better, Eat Together Month (October) to offer one easy step toward improving our national health crisis. Because children who eat with their families have healthier diets, are less likely to be overweight and do better in school than their peers, Dairy Council of California is launching the Eat Better, Eat Together Family Meal Pledge on Facebook to encourage more balanced family meals.

A recent research review published in Pediatrics, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that children and adolescents who eat three or more meals with their families per week are 24 percent more likely to eat healthy foods and 12 percent less likely to be overweight than peers who do not eat with their families as often. This finding reaffirms other studies, which show that when families eat together, they tend to eat better, with higher daily intakes of foods that contain important nutrients like calcium, fiber, iron, protein, vitamins B6 and B12, C and E, and lower intakes of dietary fat.

“As a registered dietitian, I know that serving balanced meals—with foods from all the food groups—provides the health benefits of family meals,” said Trina Robertson, M.S., R.D., project manager with Dairy Council of California and mom of two. “As a mom, I also know that family meals are a great opportunity to turn off technology and connect as a family, which can even help my kids excel in school.”

From language skills to grades, research links interaction between adults and children during family meals to academic gains. Family meals expose children to a more diverse vocabulary and were linked in one study to greater language acquisition and later academic success. Ongoing research by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA) has also found that teens who eat with their families most often are more likely to get A’s and B’s in their classes.

The Eat Better, Eat Together Pledge, available on, is designed to help families start or strengthen a commitment to balanced family meals. After taking the pledge, participants will receive meal suggestions with recipes and tips for putting together fast, flavorful family meals with foods from all five food groups—milk and milk products; fruits; vegetables; grains, breads and cereals; and meat, beans and nuts. A blog series on both Dairy Council of California’s website and its free family-nutrition and meal-planning website Meals Matter will help participants plan, prepare and enjoy family meals. A post-pledge survey to be completed in November will give families the chance to win free groceries.

About Dairy Council of California

Serving as the dairy industry’s contribution to community health, Dairy Council of California creates science-based nutrition-education curriculum and resources that help children and families improve their eating habits and make nutrient-rich food choices from all food groups. For nearly a century, Dairy Council of California has partnered with schools, health professionals and community leaders to offer California families simple steps for making balanced food choices while sharing the essential role that milk and milk products play in a balanced diet. Healthy Eating Made Easier®

About Meals Matter

Maintained by the registered-dietitian moms with Dairy Council of California, is a free family-nutrition and meal-planning website dedicated to helping families improve their eating habits with nutritious meals and snacks.

Wake Up Your Morning Routine with Smucker's Snack'n Waffles Presweetened WafflesORRVILLE, Ohio  (  Getting the kids out of bed, making sure outfits match, catching the bus on time, and that’s all before 9 a.m.!  Although mornings can be stressful for families, when the routine goes as planned, the rest of the day usually follows suit. Smucker’s® Snack’n Waffles presweetened waffles are perfectly portable for families to enjoy on the bus, in the car, or wherever morning adventures take them. The brand teamed up with television personality and lifestyle expert Hannah Keeley to launch the Smucker’s Snack’n Waffles On the Run Promotion where you can select your favorite morning routine personality for a chance to win $5,000 to make over your morning routine.

Now through November 17, 2011, consumers can visit to select the morning routine style that best fits their personality. The Grand Prize Winner, as selected by Smucker’s Snack’n Waffles, will win an “on the run” morning routine makeover in the form of a check for $5,000, and a one hour, one-on-one consultation via telephone with Hannah Keeley who will advise on the winner’s morning routine makeover.

Also on the website, Hannah Keeley, host of the national public television series, “Hannah, Help Me!” shares tips for busy families to help make mornings more fun and organized.

“Mornings are full of the unexpected – forgotten homework, spilled milk, and a quick game of ‘hide and seek’ for the car keys or shoes,” said Hannah Keeley, author of Total Mom Makeover. “With some simple strategies, such as keeping a supply of ‘heat and eat’ options in the freezer like Smucker’s Snack’n Waffles presweetened waffles, mornings for busy parents can be stress-free.”

Some of Hannah’s other tips include:

  • Make a lunch center in your fridge so the kids can prepare their own lunches the night before. Use the bottom drawer of the fridge to store mini bags of fresh veggies, already washed and prepped, in addition to extra goodies the kids like in their lunches.
  • Keep an “oops! Kit” in  your car so you don’t have to waste time with common morning mishaps – like some stain remover, a jacket, mints, baby wipes, pencils and pens, detangler, and a comb (sorry, but you’re on your own with the homework).
  • In order to keep up with everyone’s schedule, post a huge calendar in the kitchen. Buy a pack of multi-colored pens and designate each color to a family member. Tie ribbons to the pens and attach them to the calendar so they don’t wander off. This way, everyone can be responsible for making their own updates to the calendar and you can immediately see who is doing what.

Smucker’s Snack’n Waffles presweetened waffles (SRP of $2.99, 4-pack) go from freezer to fingertips with no mess — you can microwave in 15 seconds or thaw the whole grain waffles in four delicious flavors, including Blueberry, Maple, Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip.

The Promotion runs now through 11:59 a.m. ET on November 17, 2011. Open to legal residents of the United States and D.C., 18 and older.  Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.

About The J. M. Smucker Company

For more than 110 years, The J.M. Smucker Company has been committed to offering consumers quality products that bring families together to share memorable meals and moments.  Today, Smucker is a leading marketer and manufacturer of fruit spreads, retail packaged coffee, peanut butter, shortening and oils, ice cream toppings, sweetened condensed milk, and health and natural foods beverages in North America. Its family of brands includes Smucker’s®, Folgers®, Dunkin’ Donuts®, Jif®, Crisco®, Pillsbury®, Eagle Brand®, R.W. Knudsen Family®, Hungry Jack®, Café Bustelo®, Cafe Pilon, White Lily® and Martha White® in the United States, along with Robin Hood®, Five Roses®, Carnation®, Europe’s Best® and Bick’s® in Canada. The Company remains rooted in the Basic Beliefs of Quality, People, Ethics, Growth and Independence established by its founder and namesake more than a century ago. The Company has appeared on FORTUNE Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in the United States 13 times, ranking number one in 2004. For more information about the Company, visit

The J.M. Smucker Company is the owner of all trademarks, except Pillsbury, the Barrelhead logo and the Doughboy character are trademarks of The Pillsbury Company, LLC, used under license; Carnation is a trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., used under license; and Dunkin’ Donuts is a registered trademark of DD IP Holder, LLC, used under license. Borden and Elsie are trademarks used under license.

WASHINGTON  (  The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), together with First Lady Michelle Obama, announced that Darden Restaurants, Inc., the world’s largest full service restaurant company, has committed to improve the nutrition of its children’s and full menus, increasing healthy choices for millions of its guests.

Darden owns and operates approximately 1,900 restaurants in 49 states, serving more than 400 million meals per year. By July 2012, children’s menus at Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse and Bahama Breeze will offer one percent milk as the default beverage and guarantee a fruit or vegetable as the default side for every kids’ menu item at those restaurants offering a default side. All of Darden’s brands, including Capital Grille and Seasons 52, will reduce its sodium and calorie footprint by 10 percent over five years and 20 percent over 10 years.

“I’m here today because this is a breakthrough moment in the restaurant industry,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “Darden is doing what no restaurant company has done before – they’re not just revamping their kids menus to give kids better food and parents more choices and more control, they’re committing to make changes across the entire menu at every single one of their restaurants. Darden is working to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and they’re making it the delicious and fun choice too.  I’m confident that if companies like Darden continue to be creative and innovative and have our kids’ best interests at heart then we will solve the challenge of childhood obesity and give all our kids the healthy futures they deserve.”

In the last decade, Americans have spent roughly half of their families’ total food budgets and consumed nearly a third of all calories away from home. Additionally, Americans have almost doubled the amount of money spent on food outside the home. In 2010, Americans spent $433 million on food away from home. In 2000, Americans spent about $280 million.

“The Partnership is focused on making the healthy choice the easy choice, whether by working with grocers to bring healthy, affordable food into areas that lack access or with day care centers to ensure that children are starting out their lives with the healthy options they need,” said PHA Board Chair James R. Gavin III, M.D., Ph.D.  “Recent studies predict half of all Americans will be obese by 2030.  That’s every other person who walks into a restaurant, grocery store or corner bodega. And that’s why, with Darden’s massive reach combined with the leadership they are continuing to show in this area, we are more excited than ever about our chances of ending childhood obesity.”

“Today we are taking a new step forward by creating the most comprehensive health and wellness commitment in the restaurant industry, while preserving our promise to offer our guests the delicious food they have come to know and love from their favorite Darden restaurants,” said Drew Madsen, president and chief operating officer of Darden Restaurants.  “The First Lady continues to lead the growing national efforts to make healthy food options more available and accessible, and we’re pleased to collaborate with her and the Partnership for a Healthier America on this important commitment.”

Specifically, Darden is making the following commitments:

Kids’ Menus – changes starting now and to be fully implemented by July 2012

  • Guarantee a fruit or vegetable will be the default side for every kids’ menu item at those restaurants offering a default side on the children’s menu: Bahama Breeze, LongHorn Steakhouse and Red Lobster.
  • One percent milk will be the default beverage, provided automatically if no alternate beverage is requested.  Milk will be prominently promoted on the menu and made available with free refills.
  • Food illustrations on the menu will promote the healthy choices for meals and drinks.
  • Healthier menu options will be more prominently displayed when possible.
  • Carbonated beverages will not be displayed on children’s menus.
  • Improve the nutritional content of one or more children’s menu items to provide equal or less than 600 calories, 30% of total calories from fat, 10% of total calories from saturated fat, and 600 mg of sodium.

Calories/Sodium Footprint Reduction – changes to be implemented by 2016 and 2021

  • By 2016, reduce calories by 10% and over a ten-year period by 20%.
  • By 2016, reduce sodium by 10% and over a ten-year period by 20%.

Every company that works with PHA is required to agree that PHA will monitor and report on progress toward their commitment.  Darden has agreed to provide annual reports outlining its progress in meeting calorie and sodium reductions on all menu items and its enhanced nutritional standards for children’s menus, as well as provide annual samples of children’s menus from each brand.  PHA will benchmark data in 2011 and contract with an independent verifier to monitor compliance beyond the Darden-submitted reports.

The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis. In 2010, PHA was created in conjunction with – but independent from – First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! effort. PHA is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that is led by some of the nation’s most respected health and childhood obesity experts. PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity. Most important, PHA ensures that commitments made are commitments kept by working with unbiased, third parties to monitor and publicly report on the progress our partners are making. For more information about PHA, please visit and follow PHA on Twitter @PHAnews.

CHESTERFIELD, Mo.  (  Carefully choosing what you eat after you work out can magnify the benefits of exercising.

Your post-workout nutritional needs include fluids, carbohydrates and protein. This is true not just for the endurance athletes and serious bodybuilders but for the general exercise enthusiast also. Each provides distinct benefits:

  • Fluids restore fluids lost from sweating
  • Carbohydrates help restore glycogen, which provides fuel that muscles need for continued training
  • Protein provides amino acids to help rebuild muscle tissue

You can satisfy your post-workout nutritional needs by eating a meal or a snack, or you can choose a protein shake that also contains carbohydrates.

The Mayo Clinic lists yogurt and fruit, cheese and crackers or a peanut butter sandwich as snacks that can meet your post-workout nutritional needs.

But for those who don’t want to eat after exercising, protein shakes are one of the best options for post-workout nutrition, said Dr. Carl W. Hastings, chief scientific officer of Reliv International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RELV) a maker of sports performance nutrition products and other types of nutritional supplements.

“Everybody that exercises on a regular basis can benefit from protein shakes,” Hastings said. “Protein shakes can help enhance athletic performance and endurance, and help the body recover and repair after exercising.”

Dozens of brands of protein shakes are available; they vary in the types and amount of protein and carbohydrate levels they contain. Milk, soy, whey and casein are some of the protein sources in shakes.

Soy protein is as effective as other sources of protein according to WebMD. In addition, soy protein includes antioxidants that are beneficial to health but are not contained in some other protein sources.

At Reliv, Hastings created ProVantage, a protein shake that includes 13 grams of soy protein in each serving. Soy protein increases muscle mass, reduces fatigue and burns fat for increased energy, Hastings said.

ProVantage also contains antioxidants from soy and other ingredients that support the immune system and a blend of amino acids that reduce fatigue and shorten recovery time after working out.

Nutritional studies have found that soy protein can lower total cholesterol levels and lower the “bad” cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein (LDL). This important benefit, while not necessary for post-workout nutritional needs, may lead some people to choose soy over other proteins for their shakes.

ProVantage, like other protein shakes made with soy or whey, contains carbohydrates as well. The combination of protein and carbohydrates enables the body to store more glycogen for your muscles, according to

The top priority for post-workout nutritional needs is replacing fluids lost during exercise in order to prevent dehydration, and water generally is considered the best way to replace fluids.

But some people prefer sports drinks. Intense workouts lasting an hour or more may require a sports drink for better hydration.

Isotonic sports drinks such as Reliv International’s Innergize can help maintain the body’s electrolyte balance and provide energy because they contain carbohydrates.

About Reliv International

Reliv International, Inc. is a direct selling company that develops, manufactures and markets nutritional products that promote optimal health. Independent distributors sell Reliv products in 15 countries. The company’s charitable foundation, the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, combats hunger around the world by providing free nutritional supplements to more than 42,000 people every day. Learn more about Reliv at

WASHINGTON  (  The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) is encouraging women to add soyfoods to their plates to protect their hearts during September, National Cholesterol Education Month.  Often, women are too busy worrying about the health of others and do not take the time to care for themselves.  Now that kids are back in school, it’s the perfect time for moms to check their blood cholesterol and begin a heart-healthy diet.

Research has consistently found that individuals consuming about 25 grams of soy protein a day have reduced blood cholesterol by about three to five percent (1, 2).  When combined with a low saturated fat diet, eating soyfoods with foods high in fiber, healthy oils, and plant sterols throughout the day packs more cholesterol lowering power(2).  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in every six adults, 16% of the U.S. adult population, have high total cholesterol levels above 240 mg/dL; and in the U.S. more women than men have these high levels.  Individuals with high total cholesterol have approximately twice the risk of heart disease as people with optimal levels at less than 200 mg/dL(3).

So what can women do today to invest in their heart health and stay around longer and healthier for those they love?

1) Have their blood cholesterols checked. As we get older our cholesterol levels rise. After menopause, women especially are at risk of rising low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.  At any age, Americans can set the stage for a healthy heart by eating a nutritious diet that includes soyfoods.

2) Lower the bad and increase the good indicators. Ever since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a health claim for soy protein and heart disease(4), research has continued to conclude that a diet low in saturated fat combined with about 25 grams of soy protein (four servings of soyfoods) helps reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol(1).  More recent data also suggest that incorporating soyfoods into the diet may slightly increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) “good” cholesterol (2, 5, 6).  There are very few ways to increase HDL cholesterol levels but eating soyfoods is one of them.  So enjoy a veggie burger, sip on a soymilk smoothie, or toss edamame into a salad to boost heart health.

3) Eat a heart-healthy diet. Soyfoods have a high quality soy protein known to lower cholesterol, and soy is naturally cholesterol-free and very low in saturated fat.  Today’s selection of soyfoods makes it easy to add soy yogurt or soymilk over cereal at breakfast, a soybean/fruit bar for lunch, and a tofu stir-fry, grilled soy cheese, or chicken-less chef salad for dinner.  Select and prepare soyfoods as part of your low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet today.  Need ideas how?  Discover a new soy recipe at:

Getting educated on how to lower blood cholesterol can begin today in recognition of National Cholesterol Education Month.  Making soyfoods part of a healthy diet is a big step forward.

For more information on soyfoods and heart disease, please visit or for more ideas on how to lower cholesterol, visit: For more information on blood cholesterol, please visit:

The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) is a non-profit trade association that has been promoting consumption of soyfoods in the diet since 1978. SANA is committed to encouraging sustainability, integrity and growth in the soyfoods industry by promoting the benefits and consumption of soy-based foods and ingredients in diets. More information is available at

Wholly Guacamole and Disney present Family Movie Night with The Lion King $5 Rebate OfferFORT WORTH, Tex.  (  Grocery produce aisles are destination points for today’s health-conscious perimeter shoppers, but are rarely hunted for consumer promotions– until now.

Now appearing in produce aisles nationwide, Wholly Guacamole proudly presents “Family Movie Night” with Disney’s The Lion King Diamond Edition five dollar mail-in rebate offer. Focusing on “a night in” with family fun and healthy food, consumers are invited to “treat their family like royalty” with two classics: Disney’s loveable The Lion King and America’s top selling guacamole snack dip: Wholly Guacamole Classic flavor.

From September 1 – October 31, 2011, boxes of Wholly Guacamole Classic will sport the $5 The Lion King Diamond Edition 4-Disc Blu-ray Super Set rebate design. Consumers who purchase a box of Wholly Guacamole and The Lion King Super Set are eligible to receive the five dollar rebate, valid through November 30, 2011.  For details, including the mail-in-rebate form, address and instructions to mail for redemption, visit

“In today’s economy, consumers are looking for value-added promotions and fun ways to enjoy family time,” states Tracey Altman, Vice President of Marketing at Wholly Guacamole. “To be able to partner with a great brand like Disney– especially on the much loved title The Lion King–is a great opportunity to reward our loyal consumers and celebrate family time”.

Consumer offers and rebates are familiar to cereals, chips and soda aisles but unexpected in the produce section. As the leading guacamole in the healthiest section of any grocery store, Wholly Guacamole strives to inspire, surprise and delight consumers. Wholly Guacamole is a brand of Texas-based Fresherized Foods, a global leader in food safety, quality and flavor innovation.

Wallaby Yogurt Company Launches Two New Organic Yogurt LinesNAPA VALLEY, Calif.  (  Wallaby Yogurt Company, a family-owned producer of organic yogurt, announces the release of two new product lines, Wallababy™ Organic Whole Milk Yogurt for Babies and Joey™ Organic Lowfat Yogurt for Kids. Children and growing families are some of Wallaby’s most enthusiastic consumers, so their needs have long been a focus of Wallaby’s creations. Now the company will offer yogurts specifically formulated and packaged for babies and children.

“Parents who enjoy Wallaby have been asking us to make a whole milk yogurt for their babies for quite some time,” said Ellie Wells, Wallaby’s Marketing Director and an expectant mother herself. “After taking the time to develop a product that we’d proudly call our own, we’re excited to be offering a yogurt that moms and dads can feel confident about adding to their baby’s diet.”

Wallababy™ is made using organic whole milk, as is recommended for babies, and by adding zinc and vitamin D to further meet a baby’s growing needs. It is available in banana or blueberry flavors and suggested for babies ages six months and up.

“For years we’ve also dreamed of launching a line of organic yogurt that’s made especially for kids. Coming up with the name Joey, which is the common name for a young wallaby, was the easy part. Creating the perfect yogurt – low in fat and sugar but full in flavor – took a little longer. But we know the wait was worth it. It’s a fantastic product that kids (including our own) are raving about!” said Claudia Bown, VP of Operations.

Joey™ is made with Wallaby’s signature Australian-style organic lowfat yogurt, fortified with vitamin D. Available in grape or strawberry, these carefully selected kid-friendly flavors are blended smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. Joey is recommended for ages two years and up.

Wallaby Yogurt is cultured after pasteurization, so it contains live and active acidophilus, bifidus, bulgaricus, and thermophilus probiotic cultures. Probiotics can be naturally beneficial, and may help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Wallababy™ and Joey™ yogurts are packed in 4oz cups, an ideal size for young appetites. Each flavor is sold separately, in multipacks of four. Both product lines are now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and priced at $2.99.

About Wallaby Yogurt Company

Wallaby Yogurt Company is a family-owned business that has been producing organic yogurt in Napa Valley, California since 2001. The company was born out of an adventure that began Down Under. It was during a trip to Australia that Wallaby’s founders chanced across a deliciously distinctive yogurt. Convinced that Americans would love Australian-style yogurt as much as they did, they set off on a mission with one simple goal: to produce the best tasting yogurt in America. To learn more about Wallaby Yogurt Company, please visit

MONTEREY, Calif.  (  The 2011 wine grape harvest in the Arroyo Seco appellation is a bit behind schedule, thanks to an unusually cool, wet spring and summer. But the same conditions that have delayed the start of Crush have also combined to allow slow, gentle ripening and maturation of the area’s Pinot Noir fruit — making for a potentially very high quality crop. Newcomer Blair Vineyards, located in the eastern most tip of the Arroyo Seco AVA, will be conducting its second harvest.

“I estimate we’ll be picking Pinot Noir clone 667 the first week of October on our Delfina’s home estate,” comments owner Jeffrey Blair. “Clone 777 about a week after that and our Pommard 4 and 115 plantings near the middle of the month. We are looking at about 1.5 tons of fruit per acre, after thinning shoots and dropping fruit to help focus the vines. With a little more heat and no early fall rains, we should have a very high quality Pinot crop this year — the flavors already rock!”

The Blair property’s unique location at the upper end of the “Arroyo Seco cone” meant the vineyard was shielded from the unusual April freezes and rains that impacted much of the rest of the state. In addition, Jeffrey points out that “the Salinas Valley narrows at our doorstep, giving us consistent winds off Monterey Bay — this helps keep us dry and free of the mildew and rot problems experienced elsewhere.”

Blair Vineyards is the newest micro-estate jewel in the Arroyo Seco appellation. The Blair family has deep roots in Monterey County, farming there for five generations. Initial plantings of six acres are focusing on ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, two varietals perfectly suited to the rocky soils and cool climate of this northeast corner of the Arroyo Seco. Next year will see the family releasing its debut Pinot Noir vintage from the property.

Contact: Jeffrey Blair, 831.596.1505,

PURCHASE, N.Y.  (  PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE: PEP) today announced its inclusion in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI).  PepsiCo is ranked as the number one company in the DJSI Food and Beverage Supersector, the only company based in the United States to earn a top ranking in the 19 supersectors assessed. PepsiCo was also named the beverage sector leader for the third consecutive year.

PepsiCo has now been named a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index six times and the World Index five times. The DJSI is comprised of companies across all industries that outperform their peers in numerous sustainability metrics, including economic, environmental and social criteria such as corporate governance, environmental reporting, corporate citizenship and philanthropy, and talent attraction and retention.

“Great companies are built to succeed today, tomorrow and well into the future,” said Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our commitment to balancing excellent operating performance with sustainable business practices is a big reason PepsiCo has become one of the world’s top performing food and beverage companies.”

PepsiCo has made major strides in its Performance with Purpose journey with the establishment of goals and commitments across the areas of Human, Environmental and Talent Sustainability.  The company’s progress against these commitments is discussed at In addition, in-depth reports measuring PepsiCo’s global performance in areas such as water, sustainable agriculture, and health and wellness can be found at

Launched in 1999, DJSI is the first global investment index tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide. The DJSI World Index identifies companies that exemplify leadership in sustainability among the leading 10 percent of the world’s top 2,500 companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria. The DJSI North America Index covers the leading 20% in terms of sustainability of the 600 biggest North American companies.

More information on the results of the DJSI 2011 SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment can be found at

About PepsiCo

PepsiCo offers the world’s largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands, including 19 different product lines that generate more than $1 billion in annual retail sales each. Our main businesses — Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi Cola — also make hundreds of other enjoyable foods and beverages that are respected household names throughout the world. With net revenues of approximately $60 billion, PepsiCo’s people are united by our unique commitment to sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet, which we believe also means a more successful future for PepsiCo. We call this commitment Performance with Purpose: PepsiCo’s promise to provide a wide range of foods and beverages for local tastes; to find innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment, including by conserving energy and water usage, and reducing packaging volume; to provide a great workplace for our associates; and to respect, support, and invest in the local communities where we operate. For more information, please visit

CINCINNATI  (  Each year, Convenience Store News enlists a panel of consumers to rate and rank the newest foods in the convenience store marketplace. This year’s panel picked AdvancePierre Foods’ Big AZ Kickin’ Jalapeno Beef Charbroil with Cheese as both the most delicious new sandwich and the best value.

“This award is a particular honor, because the judging panel is made up of actual consumers, and the consumer has spoken,” said Tony Schroder, President of Convenience Channels at AdvancePierre Foods. “Our consumers’ opinions matter most so when they pick our products as the best it is truly gratifying.”

New products are judged on the following criteria: taste, value, convenience, healthfulness, quality of ingredients, preparation, appearance and packaging. Citing taste as the most important attribute of any food, it accounts for 30 percent of the total points awarded by judges. The product’s value is worth an additional 20 percent of points awarded, and the other factors make up the remaining 50 percent of the total points.

The Big AZ®  Kickin’ Jalapeno Beef Charbroil With Cheese was launched in January, 2011 and is available at convenience stores and vending machines throughout the country

On October 4th at 1pm Convenience Store News will be at AdvancePierre’s booth at the upcoming National Association of Convenience Stores convention in Chicago to officially present the award to the company.

AdvancePierre Foods:

AdvancePierre Foods is a leading supplier of value-added protein and handheld convenience products to the foodservice, school, retail, club, vending and convenience store channels.  The company makes and distributes a full line of packaged sandwiches, fully cooked chicken and beef products, Philly-style steak, stuffed chicken breasts, and bakery products.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, AdvancePierre Foods employs 4,500 people and operates processing facilities in Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa, Maine, and North and South Carolina, with bakeries in North Carolina and Oklahoma.